My background is 25 years in large churches with lots of resources and I have used presentation Software extensively. The "best" and the most "expensive". Your product is brilliant and I cannot see why anyone would want to spend money. I will be upgrading to the Pro version soon

Brian (Scotland)

Thank you so much. You guys are such a blessing the way you respond so quickly. May the Lord shower His grace upon your lives in Jesus’ name

River Uxbridge

I want to express my gratitude on this software, its wonderful and easy to use. We enjoy it in the church. God bless you

Oluwole (Nigeria)

Thank you for coding this software. I want you guys to know that FreeWorship has been of a great help in our church’s ICT ministry. God bless you more.

John (Philippines)

Praise the Lord guys. Thank you so much for the software. May God Bless this whole FW team. We thank GOD for you and thanking you for this wonderful software.  You have done a great job.

Brian (Uganda)

Thanks for the amazingly speedy response..!! Brilliant, well done. Many thanks

Jim (United States)

Thank you so much for making this wonderful software!

Alvin (Singapore)

Your software is to good to abandon, keep up the good work

Richard (United Kingdom)

Thanks for this great software and its even so marvellous that it is free. It has made the preaching of the gospel marvellous and wonderful for me. We use your software in our church weekly. It has completely replaced [alternative worship software]. FreeWorship is so unique and we want to say a big thank you for your team and your faith

Steward (United States)

Our AV team have been practising for the past few days and they are all generally pleased with the way the program operates, which in itself is good as trying to get 8 people to agree on something is brilliant!

Robert (United Kingdom)

Excellent software! One of the best I’ve seen until now!

Danniel (Brazil)

Bula (Hello) from Fiji!! Thank you so much for the amazing work you’ve all done coming up with FreeWorship. It’s beautiful to work with

Naomi (Fiji)

Thanks for the great software. I will be recommending this to a small church. God bless you all in Jesus Christ our Lord

Raj (United States)

Love the software and customer service is very fast and very helpful. Thank you

Darrell (United States)
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